Cool Stuff

Item! To find out more about the super-neato potential of 3D printing as mentioned in Episode 39, check out the Tesseract Design website at











Item! American Knucklehead t-shirts now available at the American Knucklehead Shop. Literally several designs to choose from! Be the first kid on your block to own one of these snazzy tees!











Item! Special thanks to Brooklyn’s Port St. Willow, who so kindly provided the music heard on Episode 24. If you’d like to hear more, you can check out their info on Facebook, MySpace (does anybody other than bands use MySpace anymore?) or Bandcamp. Thanks Nick!

Item! If you can’t get enough podcasty goodness right here (or on iTunes), you can also download the last several episodes from SoundCloud.

Item! For those of you disgusted or intrigued by the Rudy Schwartz Project, you can complain or find out more by checking out the MySpace page or the Facebook  page. Also, if you really liked the song about the Alaska Quitter featured on Episode 20, you can see the video on YouTube, you sick bastard.

Item! Pictures from Kathmandu!

View of the city from the Swayambunath Stupa (a/k/a Monkey Temple):


Monkey at the Monkey Temple:

Item! Speaks for itself…

Item! Permanent thanks to the 7-10 Splits for providing intro & outro music for the show. They rock! Check ’em out.

Item! Thanks to Portland electronica monsters Starfucker for generously providing music and an object lesson in Episode 9. Gracias, guys! See ’em at Bumbershoot in September 2011!

Item! Wow – check out this awesome American Knucklehead logo submitted by Trevor Blake. Thanks, Trevor!

Special thanks to Trevor Blake.


Item! Sign spotted at the Occupy Portland kickoff rally. I think it pretty well sums up the state of the American Knucklehead.