Provide for the Needy, Not the Greedy

Gonna keep this one relatively short (yeah, right). There’s an important story that’s gone under the radar what with all the saliva-specked media coverage of Impeachmentworld and the British royals.

The Trump administration is attempting to yank Social Security disability payments from potentially millions of recipients. This is typical of the Woofer playbook: dole out zillions of government giveaways and tax breaks to the ultra-wealth and big business, then pretend to become concerned about the deficit as an excuse to take away the benefits of needy Americans.

I wouldn’t have heard about this at all, but it could potentially affect one of my oldest friends. This friend – we’ll call him “Bob” – is a good man, talented and smart. Unfortunately, he suffers from juvenile onset diabetes. He worked for as long as he could, but eventually his illness got to the point where he could no longer support himself. He now manages to scrape by with his SSI benefits, which amount to a couple of hundred bucks a month.

Now, his health and welfare is threatened by this latest round of Republican cruelty. I won’t go into detail about this; it is expressed with much more eloquence in this column by Jonathan Stein.


The United States of America is still nominally a democracy, and the government still pretends to act on behalf of all citizens. The gub’ment is soliciting input on this proposed change – I urge you to let them know how pointless and cruel this proposed change is.

Of course, they don’t make this easy; I’ll try to shortcut it a little for you:

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